Freitag, 7. Oktober 2011

Gorgeous Women 1

I uploaded a slide show with depth-painted 3D stills made by the Youtube user XtraDefinition3D aka XD3D on flickr

Gorgeous Women in trueColor3D for over/under viewing

Mittwoch, 28. September 2011

Preparing trueColor3D compatible xXx samples for a local adult entertainment show

There are several online video websites who already provide 3-D porn as VOD.
Some decided to support downloads of clips that only play on Windows PCs with NVidia 3DVision and either a 3DTV or 3DLCD 120 Hz and shutter glasses.
Some don't care about preserving colors. They provide anaglyph photos and videos only.
None of them support Mac, none support mobile devices with color preserving methods.

That's why I downloaded some xXx sample clips from and converted them to trueColor3D compatible formats.

I hope to meet some innovative porn producers on the VENUS 2011 in Berlin/Germany to bring adult content to the exploding realm of mobile web.

With the cheap and simple viewers (KMQ for tablets and stereo goggles for smartphones) there's a new market segment.

Contact me privately to get links to the clips.

Sonntag, 25. September 2011

Another bugfix for trueColor3D on OSX

I'm sorry to say, but instead of making the version for Windows and Linux available, I found out about another bug and decided to first fix it.
Therefor, we now have version 0.99 on OSX that you can find here for download.

And, since last week the source code is hosted on the open source sharing/colaboration platform github

Dienstag, 13. September 2011

The LIKE ME button had to go as well

After spending hours to apologize by email and to move my group memberships away from Y! I also remembered a german privacy protection policy and decided to kick out the Like me on Facebook Button/ iFrame.
The link to my Facebook group is still availbale for you to join in, but the tiny, harmless looking thumb-up icon had a severe "behind the scenes" activity.

Goodbye to Yahoo!

I had a Yahoo! ID for over 10 years and it was convinient to access emails and addresses online the first years. But then with the first redesign of the UI and me using Firefox on windows and Linux problems popped up all around.

I then decided to tell new contacts only my new non-Y! email address and to gracefully fade Yahoo out ...
Bad idea!
My account was hacked and all my long term and old contacts got trojan emails in my name linking to dozens of suspicious Wordpress-like-seeming pages.
I got hundreds of MAILER autoresponses (good to know those had a working SPAM blocker) but also family and friends asking why I started to advertise VIAGRA.

I hereby honestly appologize to all readers you might have been spammed as well!
Please remove my yahoo address from your address book and contact me as PixelPartner.
I dropped all Yahoo! related stuff and hopefully in the next 90 days all will be removed.

And obviously I changed password after making sure the URL is not a phishing site.
That's something I always do and explain to others / non-programmers in detail. So I'm very sure not to be a victim to phishing but a bruteforce hacking victim.
That's why I finally left the Y! cloud.

The new blogger UI doesn't work on iPad at all

If you also like to surf and blog with your iPad I suggest not to try the new blogger user interface.
It's a nightmare and I wonder if they have deliberetly worsen the iOS experience to make Android/chrome shine.

Dienstag, 30. August 2011

Bugfixes for trueColor3D on OSX (version 0.98)

Download version 0.98 (OSX) or 0.94 (Win) from my DropBox :
OSX 32-bit binary (v0.98),
Windows 32-bit binary (v0.94)
Source code only (v0.98),

Pinkau Entertainment brings its showreel to trueColor3D

With the help of trueColor3D 0.97 on OSX the following variants have been converted and uploaded to vimeo :
for 3D smartphone goggles (like the Hasbro my3D or the TOYin3D)
for tablet devices (like the Apple iPad using an over/under viewer)
for laptops and any normal LCD (also using the over/under method).

Find out more about the german team of Thomas Pinkau.
They also have a Youtube3D upload (unfortunately only a distorted, aka frame compatible version).

I hope to also find trueColor3D version on Youtube soon.

Dienstag, 23. August 2011

Update of trueColor3D on OSX

After having some trouble with the libav parts used in ffmpeg, I found workarounds and now proudly present version 0.96.
I recently only worked on OSX Lion, so for now only the OSX binaries are available.

This version is the first to run without AviSynth, the very powerful, but Windows-only video post processing toolbox.

It outputs clips that can either play YT3D downloads for home use using AirVideo, or to upload your own work to Youtube (yes they play on iPad and iPhone, here are some examples from a beta tester) or even vimeo. You can also use it to prepare 3-D podcasts (testing) or clips to embed in iOS Apps to sell on the Apple AppStore.

Email me, if you need the new features also under Windows that is currently on version 0.94.

Download the source code here.
Download the binaries for OSX here.

Make sure to install both trueColor3D and qt-faststart as well as a decent version of ffmpeg in your path.
I recently explained how to install/build ffmpeg on OSX.

If you find this tool useful, please recommend it and consider opening a flattr account.
My project related tweets are from @openKMQ3D and use the hash tag #trueColor3D.

Mittwoch, 10. August 2011

How to prepare your website to play HTML5video on all major browsers

On twitter I came across this link and the open source project to add video/audio tags to older but still widespread browsers:
It's really just a single line of HTML code to add to the HEAD section of your webpages.

Dienstag, 9. August 2011

How to get ffmpeg to run on OSX

ffmpeg is a so called command line tool for audio/video file conversion and processing.
It's an open source project and parts of (depending on its configuration) it are not allowed to be redistributed in binary form without also providing the full source code.

For now, I suggest you take the time to download some free tools and source codes and to start the so called build process on your Mac on your own.
To build ffmpeg configured with all the parts needed to serve as trueColor3D's processing engine, you need

- XCode from the Apple MacAppStore
- The MacPorts project
- FFMpeg from it's source code repository

You may need to launch the and type in and launch some commands.

1) Install XCode (should be free for Lion and just $3.99 for SnowLeopard).
2) Download the port command from the MacPort project and follow the instruction to build it with the gcc compiler tha came with xcode.
3) type in sudo port install ffmpeg and enter your admin/root password to download and build and install the ffmpeg program.

Dienstag, 2. August 2011

trueColor3D now also runs on OSX

First trueColor3D only ran on Windows, because it strongly depended on the AviSynth audio/video scripting environment that is tricky to run on non-Windows machines.

I started to reprogram many of the conversions from AviSynth to only use video filter commands in ffmpeg.
This is the first result.

On OSX, the following old/new stereo-layouts are supported :

Youtube: my3D, iPad (over/under 1080p)
Vimeo: my3D, iPad (over/under), PC (over/under)
home use: my3D, iPad (iTunes), iPad (AirVideo)

Download version 0.95 from my DropBox :
Source code only (v0.95),
Windows 32-bit binary (v0.94),
OSX 32-bit binary (v0.95)

Dienstag, 26. Juli 2011

Free 2D to S3D conversion software

Find more information on the author's project page

Donnerstag, 16. Juni 2011

ADRI EV stereoscopic music video for iPad and other tablets

Watch this on a tablet device locked to landscape, but oriented to portrait using one of the over/under viewers (KMQ, jpsOneEye or BerezinOneEye).

ADRI EV MUSIC VIDEO (iPad3D over/under) from Thomas Kumlehn on Vimeo.

This video was created with my open source tool trueColor3D

The creator is Gyro Tod for Kimera Productions.

Montag, 13. Juni 2011

New way to upload 3-D for iPad to vimeo

Me and many viewers don't like the way, vimeo degrades videos with a width below 1280 to SD quality bitrate. For normal widescreen content that's fine, but not for our special portrait over/under layout. I experimented in the past with rotation, scale to bypass this, but either vimeo degraded the content or the iPad refuses to play it, becaue it was regarded too HiRes.
Today I found a new way by omitting black borders on the top and buttom and by rotating to the right. So, clips originating on 16:9 can now be uploaded as 1280 x 1040. Viewed with an orientation locked to landscape and held as portrait, this results in 1040 x 586 per eye and a 108px gap. And this layout fits both the vimeo and the iOS size restrictions.
I hope to soon reupload in the new format, but for GRilli3D fans there is still no alternative to view from "Download".

New tags for Youtube 3D

Andrew Murchie's overview of the new Youtube 3D tagging.

So now, you can simply upload a trueColor3D made over/under (aka iPad3D) clip of 768x1024 to Youtube and tag it with

This way, it plays on all FLASH-enabled browsers in selectable 3D modes, also plays on iPad using the KMQ or compatible viewers and can be used with StereoPlayer and NVidia shutter glasses.

What's left ?
Okay - for smartphone support you still need an undistorted side-by-side version like the my3D with 1280x480px, also made with trueColor3D.

And for glasses-free viewing on iPad, we still need the GRilli3D1024 layout.

Cross eye 3D tutorial on Youtube

More and more openKMQ clips on Youtube

If you either type in "openKMQ" or follow this link, you will find a growing number of over/under (KMQ) compatible videos. For now, most of them are made by Andrew from EnhancedDimensions. Thumbs up!

Sonntag, 15. Mai 2011

Samsung shows 2560x1600 tablet display prototype

Mittwoch, 11. Mai 2011

Looking for 3-D content to co-market on iPad3D/iPhone3D

I'm currently preparing some Apps for the Apple AppStore and the Android market place. They will bring the first payed and DRM protected trueColor3D content to all smartphones (using Hasbro's my3D or a Lorgnette) and tablets (using the openKMQ over/under method). The concept includes instruction videos, embedded credit webpages and can either show a single 3-D video, a group of them with HTML5 title menu or even a slideshow/gallery of themed stereo pairs.

Please contact me by email, if you are interested to also sell your 3-D content.
The concept is based on open source and will become an open source framework, but obviously, your final product will be closed source.

Sonntag, 8. Mai 2011

If you want to use trueColor3D with Windows7 64bit ...

Download the new build AviSynth 2.6 with MT that seems to better work unter win7/64.

Alternative 3D-FlashPlayer - much better than YT3D !?

I was contacted by the german developer of p2gStereoStage(tm) and after visiting his site, I think it's a well done alternative to YT3D, especially because it also supports KMQ(over/under) viewing. It's free for private and non-commercial use but costs 1200 EUR per domain for commercial (even AdSense supported) websites.

Here are the links to the viewer:

Did some of you work with HOLOBLADE (tm) ?

I found out about another less known and "old" technique, called HoloBlade.
Is there any interest in the community to add support for HoloBlade to trueColor3D ?

Dienstag, 3. Mai 2011

New Update available for trueColor3D - with my3D support

Please visit the original, but updated blog post to find the download for release 0.94.

Mittwoch, 27. April 2011

What is better for viewing on next gen 3DTVs - SBS or OU?

I recently was asked, what method (and format to use) to upload a 3D clip to vimeo.

My answer was :
Let the visitor decide and upload several clips. As a PLUS user simply use your monthly volume to upload one clip per viewing method and then use descriptions to crosslink them.

Variants to upload :

  • Keep including an Anaglyph version.
    Many viewers still assume anaglyph glasses are the only 3D glasses available.
    But please add a title and a cover pic that mentions other variants available and don't forget to mention WHAT filter colors are needed in their anaglyph glasses..

  • trueColor3D made my3D layout as 1280x480 or bigger in height,
    as 480 is the minimum height for any video on vimeo
    and 1280 is the minimum width to grant HD bitrate/quality.

  • trueColor3D made Over/Under (KMQ) layout to let viewers enjoy all the colors on any LCD and even see an undistorted image with naked eyes.

  • trueColor3D made GRilli3D verticalled interleaved layout for use on glasses free iPads

  • Please also provide a Download of a 1280x720, frame compatible 3D video.
    Please don't use side by side, like most do, but over/under, because the next/better generation of 3DTVs and many 3Dmonitors use passive glasses and the xPol polarization technique.
    This cuts vertical res down to 360 per eye anyway and by using SBS, the viewer ends up effectively seeing 640x360 per eye of your content, instead of 1280x360, even when the display itself claims FullHD 1920x1080(2x540).

Edit for the introduction of Apple TV 1080p (March 2012):
You can now use your AppleTV to play vimeo HD/FullHD videos. And again, for most 3DTVs it's best to play over/under squeezed (frame compatible vertcally stacked) .

Dienstag, 12. April 2011

Using "Johnny Lee"- like head tracking on iPad2

on Youtube

TOSHIBA goes glasses-free 3DTV

German blog article about future glasses-free smart 3DTVs from TOSHIBA.

Montag, 11. April 2011

Why Peter Jackson shots 3-D with 48 frames per second

Not only James Cameron is a fan of shooting strobe-free higher frame rates. Peter Jackson is capturing THE HOBBIT (1+2) in double frame rate 3-D using dozens of RED EPIC cameras.

Link to Peter Jackson's Facebook page with details, how and why he does so.

Freitag, 25. Februar 2011

Update for trueColor3D to version 0.93

Please visit the edited original blog entry.

Sonntag, 16. Januar 2011

trueColor3D becomes flattr-ware

I decided to make trueColor3D my first "flattr"-ware. That means, it's free and open source, but users who want to thank and encourage me may use this new micro donation system. It' s like a donation flat rate for the web. You donate 2€ per month and every "thing" on the www with a flattr button can be clicked once. The creator of that thing then participates on this. I suggest you use this as well for your 3-D content. Visitors can then say "thank you" to you as well. My upcoming but much bigger tool StereoBookMaker will be flattr ware as well.

Montag, 10. Januar 2011

New vimeo channel for trueColor3D on iPad1 with GRilli3D autostereoscopic lenticular sheet

Find an autostereoscopic version of the ECC/Home of 3D 2010 demo reel on the new vimeo channel openGRilli3D.
It was made with the version 0.92 of trueColor3D.exe

Freitag, 7. Januar 2011

First trueColor3D stereoscopic slide show on vimeo

This video was created handing 129 stereopairs and captions over to the new program StereoBookMaker (SBM). SBM can also create dozens of true color 3-D booklet layouts and stereocards from this data set. Its Windows version is coming soon.

Many thanks to the Stereo-Photographer Eberhard Gehrke for providing pictures and text.

Mittwoch, 5. Januar 2011

TrueColor3D Channel Kickoff

To encourage vimeo plus creators to bring their recent or new 3-D content also to vimeo using this method and channel, I managed sponsoring to ship starter kits to the first 50 registered. The kickoff starts now and ends end of march.
Here's the channel link

Register by eMail. If you don't like the method or decide not to upload content until april 5th, simply return the kit or you will receive an invoice end of april.

There's a simple reason, why you must be a vimeo plus user to participate. To provide a high bandwidth quality, most of the videos should provide a download of the original source. Vimeo uses a simple but outdated method to differentiate SD from HD content. Not the resolution (pixel count) but simply the line width. Therefor the streaming version of openKMQ compatible (764x1020) of My3D (960x640) content only gets a bandwidth of 2Mb/s instead of 5Mb/s they would need and deserve.

Samstag, 1. Januar 2011

How to embed over/under clips in your blog posts

For embedding over/under vimeo clips in blog postings, I personally prefer the following settings for my narrow blog layout :

In the src= parameter, edit the options in the vimeo URL to

and for the iframe parameters, use these values
width="400" height="650" frameborder="0"

First clip made from DualFullHD content available on vimeo in trueColor3D

For my Berlin based friend Paul Stutenbäumer, I converted his demo reel to the new channel on vimeo, using over/under true color stereoscopic viewing instead of legacy anaglyphs.

But I encountered some pitfalls in the vimeo internals.
If you upload a video 768px wide, vimeo ignores the height and assumes it's an SD european clip that needs non square pixel treatment. Fair enough, but this cripples XGA portrait mode clips optimized for iPad use.
And to achieve HD quality bandwidth, a video needs 1280px width or wider. This sucks as well. Again, vimeo ignores the height.

So if you want your clip to be watched on vimeo including iPad users, please use a slighty smaller res of 764px x 1020px and encourage your viewers to download the original video for optimal local play or import to the iPad Photos App.

And please ask vimeo staff to change the policy ignoring height for bandwidth decisions.