Samstag, 1. Januar 2011

First clip made from DualFullHD content available on vimeo in trueColor3D

For my Berlin based friend Paul Stutenbäumer, I converted his demo reel to the new channel on vimeo, using over/under true color stereoscopic viewing instead of legacy anaglyphs.

But I encountered some pitfalls in the vimeo internals.
If you upload a video 768px wide, vimeo ignores the height and assumes it's an SD european clip that needs non square pixel treatment. Fair enough, but this cripples XGA portrait mode clips optimized for iPad use.
And to achieve HD quality bandwidth, a video needs 1280px width or wider. This sucks as well. Again, vimeo ignores the height.

So if you want your clip to be watched on vimeo including iPad users, please use a slighty smaller res of 764px x 1020px and encourage your viewers to download the original video for optimal local play or import to the iPad Photos App.

And please ask vimeo staff to change the policy ignoring height for bandwidth decisions.

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