Mittwoch, 27. April 2011

What is better for viewing on next gen 3DTVs - SBS or OU?

I recently was asked, what method (and format to use) to upload a 3D clip to vimeo.

My answer was :
Let the visitor decide and upload several clips. As a PLUS user simply use your monthly volume to upload one clip per viewing method and then use descriptions to crosslink them.

Variants to upload :

  • Keep including an Anaglyph version.
    Many viewers still assume anaglyph glasses are the only 3D glasses available.
    But please add a title and a cover pic that mentions other variants available and don't forget to mention WHAT filter colors are needed in their anaglyph glasses..

  • trueColor3D made my3D layout as 1280x480 or bigger in height,
    as 480 is the minimum height for any video on vimeo
    and 1280 is the minimum width to grant HD bitrate/quality.

  • trueColor3D made Over/Under (KMQ) layout to let viewers enjoy all the colors on any LCD and even see an undistorted image with naked eyes.

  • trueColor3D made GRilli3D verticalled interleaved layout for use on glasses free iPads

  • Please also provide a Download of a 1280x720, frame compatible 3D video.
    Please don't use side by side, like most do, but over/under, because the next/better generation of 3DTVs and many 3Dmonitors use passive glasses and the xPol polarization technique.
    This cuts vertical res down to 360 per eye anyway and by using SBS, the viewer ends up effectively seeing 640x360 per eye of your content, instead of 1280x360, even when the display itself claims FullHD 1920x1080(2x540).

Edit for the introduction of Apple TV 1080p (March 2012):
You can now use your AppleTV to play vimeo HD/FullHD videos. And again, for most 3DTVs it's best to play over/under squeezed (frame compatible vertcally stacked) .

Dienstag, 12. April 2011

Using "Johnny Lee"- like head tracking on iPad2

on Youtube

TOSHIBA goes glasses-free 3DTV

German blog article about future glasses-free smart 3DTVs from TOSHIBA.

Montag, 11. April 2011

Why Peter Jackson shots 3-D with 48 frames per second

Not only James Cameron is a fan of shooting strobe-free higher frame rates. Peter Jackson is capturing THE HOBBIT (1+2) in double frame rate 3-D using dozens of RED EPIC cameras.

Link to Peter Jackson's Facebook page with details, how and why he does so.