trueColor3D converter for 3-D on mobile devices

For all Windows 32-bit and OSX (64/32bit) users willing to give the new application a try, feel free to download the zip archive from my DropBox account and install it together with ffmpeg and AviSynth (not on OSX).
It converts your own or downloaded side-by-side and over/under videos to be viewed with openKMQ or GRilli3D.

Download version 0.99 (OSX) or 0.94 (Win) from my DropBox :
OSX 32-bit binary (v0.99),
Windows 32-bit binary (v0.94)

The source code is available at github

I have downloaded some trailers from YouTube using firefox/greasemonkey and the userscript "YouTube HD Suite" and now I can watch them full color on my iPad1.

For me the EXE works fine and the later conversion produces both files to upload to vimeo, view 3-D on any 2D display - and iPad as mentioned before.
It also has an option to stream your 3-D content from PC/Mac/Linux using the AirVideo App (the free version handles up to 3 movies in your folder - should be enough for a day and then you replace them with others). For all who already have received a GRilli3D lenticular film for iPad, this is also supported, but I couldn't test if I ordered L/R the right way ;-) Please test drive and swamp me with errors (hope not) and suggestions (hope yes!).

Merry Christmas and a Happy new year.

From version 0.92 on the program is called trueColor3D.exe
From version 0.93 on also GRilli3D for iPod and ACER 3D laptops are supported.
From version 0.94 on also my3D and Lorgnette on iPhone4 or iPodTouch4 are supported. (see sister blog openMy3D.

From version 0.95 on, also OSX is supported.
Here are sample out files to play in true color 3-D on iPad
For over/under and for GRilli3D glasses free .

And here is the link to the first new vimeo channel for "3-D true color openKMQ videos" and the experimental vimeo channel for "3-D true color autostereoscopic videos for GRilli3D (iPad1)".