Donnerstag, 9. September 2010

How to create 3-D videos in the openKMQ, open over/under layout

If you want to also convert your private videos to openKMQ layout or want to upload them to vimeo, please use this layout.

Such a video plays on any LCD in fullscreen mode (VCL can play on portrait mode displays), even iMacs, iBooks, iPad, iPod Touch 4, iPhone 4. For the 960x640 displays of the 4th gen iPhone/iPodtouch you need a special viewer not yet released.

UPDATE for vimeo content:

If you upload a video 768px wide, vimeo ignores the height and assumes it's an SD european clip that needs non square pixel treatment. Fair enough, but this cripples XGA portrait mode clips optimized for iPad use.
And to achieve HD quality bandwidth, a video needs 1280px width or wider. This sucks as well. Again, vimeo ignores the height.

So if you want your clip to be watched on vimeo including iPad users, please use a slighty smaller res of 764x1020 and encourage your viewers to download the original video for optimal local play or import to the iPad Photos App.

My new free conversion tool trueColor3D will automatically take care of that, from version 0.92 on.

Dienstag, 7. September 2010

Play your 3-D Bluray content on any device

Until recently you could play 3D Blurays only on very expensive 3DTV sets with a 3D enabled player and 3D shutter glasses.
That changed when the website described a way and provided a tool to extract the content of your legaly owned discs to left/right movies to also play on StereoscopicPlayer or with the NVIDIA 3DVISION solution. But even this needed expensive hardware. From this version of 3DBDBuster on, the tool will also offer conversion to the new openKMQ video format as described recently. This opens 3D viewing to any LCD using the over/under viewing method with either the prism viewer KMQ SSG1b or the mirror viewer jpsOneEye.
Find a link to this solution on the right hand column.