Samstag, 31. Januar 2009

UK based eShop stands up as kit provider

The eShop joins as a precut kit provider for the United Kingdom.
Contact Paolo di Prodi for details or visit his ebay auction
He sells the kit with a DVD that contains latest freeware tools for head tracking games ( and Wiir3D) as well as tools for viewing Stereo3D stills and videos.

We have been blogged by pro's !

The project was mentioned on a well known blog of creative designers and "makers" in NY :

Sonntag, 18. Januar 2009

Convert a dual screen to an affordable hiRes stereo LCD

I recently built my first DIY Over/Under LCD. Instead of placing two LCDs side by side, I mounted them on top of each other and added a constant distance KMQ holder.
For normal work, I still have the real estate of a dual screen. And for S3D viewing I simply pull down the KMQ holder and place my forhead on a soft cushion.
It needs some optimization because the panels are best viewed at from above, not from center level. When modified, I'll post images and a DIY instruction PDF.

KMQ viewer is available in the USA again

Good news for the project ! One of the best known US web shops for stereoscopic tools now also lists the SSG1b KMQ viewer - the main building block for the openKMQ project. This means, US artists, students and S3D-Photographers don't have to worry about international shipping and import taxes.
I very much hope, Steve Berezin also joins in as a provider for the platic kit components. The more requests he gets, the better ;-)

Montag, 5. Januar 2009

We welcome a new kit provider!
If you live in Scandinavia, please contact "Anders Kjellberg" in Sweden.

Oviously we need many more providers, to keep shipping costs down.