Donnerstag, 2. April 2009

New Web2.0 Stereo gallery also supports openKMQ (over/under) viewing -

Find a beta-version running here :

This is what the developers told me :
I have not yet added instructions in the wiki for using it. so here is some basic instruction:

1. In the "Image" secition you should see a grey box.
2. the picture may take some time to load. till then you will see only 2 white boxes.
3. there is light grey bar on top of the image section. Place you mouse over this.
a tool box area should slowly appear. click the "Fullscreen" button on the top right corner.

4. the whole flash content should appear fullscreen on your screen.
5. you can change "separation" to bring the images closer ( or further) in any mode.
6. I have tried it with the glasses and separation has to be set just right for my screen.