Mittwoch, 5. Januar 2011

TrueColor3D Channel Kickoff

To encourage vimeo plus creators to bring their recent or new 3-D content also to vimeo using this method and channel, I managed sponsoring to ship starter kits to the first 50 registered. The kickoff starts now and ends end of march.
Here's the channel link

Register by eMail. If you don't like the method or decide not to upload content until april 5th, simply return the kit or you will receive an invoice end of april.

There's a simple reason, why you must be a vimeo plus user to participate. To provide a high bandwidth quality, most of the videos should provide a download of the original source. Vimeo uses a simple but outdated method to differentiate SD from HD content. Not the resolution (pixel count) but simply the line width. Therefor the streaming version of openKMQ compatible (764x1020) of My3D (960x640) content only gets a bandwidth of 2Mb/s instead of 5Mb/s they would need and deserve.

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