Dienstag, 30. August 2011

Bugfixes for trueColor3D on OSX (version 0.98)

Download version 0.98 (OSX) or 0.94 (Win) from my DropBox :
OSX 32-bit binary (v0.98),
Windows 32-bit binary (v0.94)
Source code only (v0.98),

Pinkau Entertainment brings its showreel to trueColor3D

With the help of trueColor3D 0.97 on OSX the following variants have been converted and uploaded to vimeo :
for 3D smartphone goggles (like the Hasbro my3D or the TOYin3D)
for tablet devices (like the Apple iPad using an over/under viewer)
for laptops and any normal LCD (also using the over/under method).

Find out more about the german team of Thomas Pinkau.
They also have a Youtube3D upload (unfortunately only a distorted, aka frame compatible version).

I hope to also find trueColor3D version on Youtube soon.

Dienstag, 23. August 2011

Update of trueColor3D on OSX

After having some trouble with the libav parts used in ffmpeg, I found workarounds and now proudly present version 0.96.
I recently only worked on OSX Lion, so for now only the OSX binaries are available.

This version is the first to run without AviSynth, the very powerful, but Windows-only video post processing toolbox.

It outputs clips that can either play YT3D downloads for home use using AirVideo, or to upload your own work to Youtube (yes they play on iPad and iPhone, here are some examples from a beta tester) or even vimeo. You can also use it to prepare 3-D podcasts (testing) or clips to embed in iOS Apps to sell on the Apple AppStore.

Email me, if you need the new features also under Windows that is currently on version 0.94.

Download the source code here.
Download the binaries for OSX here.

Make sure to install both trueColor3D and qt-faststart as well as a decent version of ffmpeg in your path.
I recently explained how to install/build ffmpeg on OSX.

If you find this tool useful, please recommend it and consider opening a flattr account.
My project related tweets are from @openKMQ3D and use the hash tag #trueColor3D.

Mittwoch, 10. August 2011

How to prepare your website to play HTML5video on all major browsers

On twitter I came across this link and the open source project to add video/audio tags to older but still widespread browsers:
It's really just a single line of HTML code to add to the HEAD section of your webpages.

Dienstag, 9. August 2011

How to get ffmpeg to run on OSX

ffmpeg is a so called command line tool for audio/video file conversion and processing.
It's an open source project and parts of (depending on its configuration) it are not allowed to be redistributed in binary form without also providing the full source code.

For now, I suggest you take the time to download some free tools and source codes and to start the so called build process on your Mac on your own.
To build ffmpeg configured with all the parts needed to serve as trueColor3D's processing engine, you need

- XCode from the Apple MacAppStore
- The MacPorts project http://www.macports.org/
- FFMpeg from it's source code repository

You may need to launch the Terminal.app and type in and launch some commands.

1) Install XCode (should be free for Lion and just $3.99 for SnowLeopard).
2) Download the port command from the MacPort project and follow the instruction to build it with the gcc compiler tha came with xcode.
3) type in sudo port install ffmpeg and enter your admin/root password to download and build and install the ffmpeg program.

Dienstag, 2. August 2011

trueColor3D now also runs on OSX

First trueColor3D only ran on Windows, because it strongly depended on the AviSynth audio/video scripting environment that is tricky to run on non-Windows machines.

I started to reprogram many of the conversions from AviSynth to only use video filter commands in ffmpeg.
This is the first result.

On OSX, the following old/new stereo-layouts are supported :

Youtube: my3D, iPad (over/under 1080p)
Vimeo: my3D, iPad (over/under), PC (over/under)
home use: my3D, iPad (iTunes), iPad (AirVideo)

Download version 0.95 from my DropBox :
Source code only (v0.95),
Windows 32-bit binary (v0.94),
OSX 32-bit binary (v0.95)