Donnerstag, 16. Juni 2011

ADRI EV stereoscopic music video for iPad and other tablets

Watch this on a tablet device locked to landscape, but oriented to portrait using one of the over/under viewers (KMQ, jpsOneEye or BerezinOneEye).

ADRI EV MUSIC VIDEO (iPad3D over/under) from Thomas Kumlehn on Vimeo.

This video was created with my open source tool trueColor3D

The creator is Gyro Tod for Kimera Productions.

Montag, 13. Juni 2011

New way to upload 3-D for iPad to vimeo

Me and many viewers don't like the way, vimeo degrades videos with a width below 1280 to SD quality bitrate. For normal widescreen content that's fine, but not for our special portrait over/under layout. I experimented in the past with rotation, scale to bypass this, but either vimeo degraded the content or the iPad refuses to play it, becaue it was regarded too HiRes.
Today I found a new way by omitting black borders on the top and buttom and by rotating to the right. So, clips originating on 16:9 can now be uploaded as 1280 x 1040. Viewed with an orientation locked to landscape and held as portrait, this results in 1040 x 586 per eye and a 108px gap. And this layout fits both the vimeo and the iOS size restrictions.
I hope to soon reupload in the new format, but for GRilli3D fans there is still no alternative to view from "Download".

New tags for Youtube 3D

Andrew Murchie's overview of the new Youtube 3D tagging.

So now, you can simply upload a trueColor3D made over/under (aka iPad3D) clip of 768x1024 to Youtube and tag it with

This way, it plays on all FLASH-enabled browsers in selectable 3D modes, also plays on iPad using the KMQ or compatible viewers and can be used with StereoPlayer and NVidia shutter glasses.

What's left ?
Okay - for smartphone support you still need an undistorted side-by-side version like the my3D with 1280x480px, also made with trueColor3D.

And for glasses-free viewing on iPad, we still need the GRilli3D1024 layout.

Cross eye 3D tutorial on Youtube

More and more openKMQ clips on Youtube

If you either type in "openKMQ" or follow this link, you will find a growing number of over/under (KMQ) compatible videos. For now, most of them are made by Andrew from EnhancedDimensions. Thumbs up!