Donnerstag, 3. September 2009

Over/Under aka KMQ compatible web videos

Dr. Peter Quick recently kindly provided PDF documentations how to create 3-D videos in Adobe Flash CS3 that can be viewed with the KMQ prism viewer.
Download the english or german PDF from the projects web site.

Dienstag, 14. Juli 2009

Advanced Design - "one-size-fits-all-heads"

The first openKMQ design was sized for big adult heads and flexo bands could be used to make it fit smaller heads. The next step was to provide 3 different sizes with every kit.

Now a single layout has 8 slits to place the KMQ prism viewer in.

The new design will soon be available for free download as EPS/SVG for laser cutting or in my online shop as precut kit

Freitag, 8. Mai 2009

New DIY Kits for download and to buy

The Kit1/2 packages I designed last year came with laser cutting layouts to produce three different sizes, but the sold kits were shipped with the biggest (one-size-fits-all).
The download area now also has a kit1b and kit2b with three sizes and the kit2b extends kit2 by a second WiiCage. You can now place your WiiRemote on top of your LCD or on your desk.
The shop also brings the new (b) versions with washable foam strips for the optional head rest fixtures.

Alternative over/under viewing device

Mathew Orman from polish/american Tyrell Innovations Inc. has designed and markets a viewing device that uses adjustable first surface mirrors.
This overcomes two flaws of the KMQ viewer : its fixed spreading angle and its prismatic effect.

Find more here: - a new S3D web service the new web service that can take almost any stereo image on the web and presents it the way you like, also supports over/under (KMQ/jpsOneEye) viewing.

Donnerstag, 2. April 2009

New Web2.0 Stereo gallery also supports openKMQ (over/under) viewing -

Find a beta-version running here :

This is what the developers told me :
I have not yet added instructions in the wiki for using it. so here is some basic instruction:

1. In the "Image" secition you should see a grey box.
2. the picture may take some time to load. till then you will see only 2 white boxes.
3. there is light grey bar on top of the image section. Place you mouse over this.
a tool box area should slowly appear. click the "Fullscreen" button on the top right corner.

4. the whole flash content should appear fullscreen on your screen.
5. you can change "separation" to bring the images closer ( or further) in any mode.
6. I have tried it with the glasses and separation has to be set just right for my screen.

Freitag, 13. Februar 2009

Preparing a Kit3 with additional Wiimote-Stand

Inspired by wishes from the Wiir3d folks, I designed an other kit that adds an extra Wii-Remote cage to also place it infront of the screen and not only on top of it.
It will also include a second, extended set of glasses holders. For persons with a bigger eye to ear distance than the ones in Kit2.

New Free-Track version

Free-Track project (version 2.2) now supports Wiimote head tracking and more games.

Samstag, 31. Januar 2009

UK based eShop stands up as kit provider

The eShop joins as a precut kit provider for the United Kingdom.
Contact Paolo di Prodi for details or visit his ebay auction
He sells the kit with a DVD that contains latest freeware tools for head tracking games ( and Wiir3D) as well as tools for viewing Stereo3D stills and videos.

We have been blogged by pro's !

The project was mentioned on a well known blog of creative designers and "makers" in NY :

Sonntag, 18. Januar 2009

Convert a dual screen to an affordable hiRes stereo LCD

I recently built my first DIY Over/Under LCD. Instead of placing two LCDs side by side, I mounted them on top of each other and added a constant distance KMQ holder.
For normal work, I still have the real estate of a dual screen. And for S3D viewing I simply pull down the KMQ holder and place my forhead on a soft cushion.
It needs some optimization because the panels are best viewed at from above, not from center level. When modified, I'll post images and a DIY instruction PDF.

KMQ viewer is available in the USA again

Good news for the project ! One of the best known US web shops for stereoscopic tools now also lists the SSG1b KMQ viewer - the main building block for the openKMQ project. This means, US artists, students and S3D-Photographers don't have to worry about international shipping and import taxes.
I very much hope, Steve Berezin also joins in as a provider for the platic kit components. The more requests he gets, the better ;-)

Montag, 5. Januar 2009

We welcome a new kit provider!
If you live in Scandinavia, please contact "Anders Kjellberg" in Sweden.

Oviously we need many more providers, to keep shipping costs down.