Mittwoch, 15. Februar 2012

I bet, iPad 3 and AppleTV will both support 3-D

There have been may rumors about the iPad 3 arriving in a few weeks.
None of the usual Ad driven evaporators of such rumors ever mentioned it to also support autostereoscopic viewing. So why should I think it will?

Here are the hints :

Several years ago 3M approached Apple offering their Light Guiding technology that replaces normal edgelit backgroud lighting with one that provides glasses free (autostereo) viewing with a normal LCD pattern. The trick : double frame rate LRLRLR... with alternating LED flashes from left and right edge. Guess what, the iPad3 LCD will have two edges lit by 

James Cameron who set the 3-D standards with Avatar said in 2012 something like :
The path to 3-D distribution is not 3DTV but tablets.

Apple will soon also annouce their own TV after years of negitiations with major film studios.

The widow of Steve Jobs recently stepped back from the stock share Jobs gathered from merging Pixar with Disney. Probably to please Dreamworks and others in joining the Party.

Studios have been very busy to prepare upcoming film releases to fit the Apple pipe. What for if it would just be plain 16:9 and not 3-D (optimized for different screen sizes : 55" and 9.7") ?

So either Apple goes 3-D full steam, or we can continue to use GRilli3D mask films or the over/under viewers to watch trueColor3D movies on our iPads (Gen 1 2 3)

Meanwhile the new iPad was introduced, without native 3-D.
A last chance would be, they don't tell anybody about either built-in 3M backlight or interlaced quarterwave layer in the display and enable this with a big bang in a few months

But it's probably just me fantasizing. But if you already have one of the retina iPads, put on your RealD glasses while surfing to a website with bright background. If you see stripes, please tell me, because then it uses a quarterwave plate interlaced pattern.

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