Dienstag, 21. Dezember 2010

Developing a conversion tool to create openKMQ compatible videos

Right now I'm figuring out ways to convert side-by-side videos (either frame compatible or not) to the openKMQ format that directly plays on vimeo and also on iPads.
My goal was to create a true cross platform application starting with Windows, Linux and OSX and so I decided on using the GPL ffmpeg for processing and Qt for the user interface.
Unfortunately some video filter functionality vital to my approach are not released yet.
So I will first implement a variant using AviSynth and a ffmpeg config enabled to work with avs files.

Features to be implemented first:
Play 3D videos directly either with a DirectShow compatible player or ffplay using tiny avs script files.
Convert those downloaded 3D videos so that the new files can be imported to your iPad3D for offline viewing.
Convert 3D video edited with the new breed of 3-D capable editing tools VegasPro, MAGIX, etc to be played full color on vimeo

Also support conversion to My3D compatible videos.
as well as the new 3df33d video portal
Port to OSX and Ubuntu when the needed features in ffmpeg become mature.

Please comment if your see need for more to be added

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