Sonntag, 18. Januar 2009

Convert a dual screen to an affordable hiRes stereo LCD

I recently built my first DIY Over/Under LCD. Instead of placing two LCDs side by side, I mounted them on top of each other and added a constant distance KMQ holder.
For normal work, I still have the real estate of a dual screen. And for S3D viewing I simply pull down the KMQ holder and place my forhead on a soft cushion.
It needs some optimization because the panels are best viewed at from above, not from center level. When modified, I'll post images and a DIY instruction PDF.

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herc hat gesagt…

could you please post a picture ? or email me a picture of your setup?
(please, contact me anyway, i have a question regarding that kmq viewer i got today - it shows optical disturbances. please contact me in german, if you like so.)