Dienstag, 11. März 2008

After laser cutting 6 prototypes, early adopters received first openKMQkit2 samples

Version 0.6 of the open hardware add-on to the long prooved prism stereo viewing device from KMQ was realeased.

This marks the begin of the first of (planned) three project phases :
  • providing a free basic hardware design
  • adding fixed distant stereo viewing to as many open source and commercial 3D apps.
  • merging the superior technologies of KMQ and WiiRemote by implementing headtracking true stereo AppGUIs and a Combiz desktop interface.
Samples have been sent to early adopters who want to extend their applications with high quality / low budget Stereo3D viewing.

Enthuisiasts are invited to spread the news, do coding and enhance/manufacture/sell the hardware designs.

Find more at http://www.PixelPartner.de/openKMQ.htm (sorry - to be online end of this week).

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